In hearts, Mother

Stars and Hearts



In 3 am texts, baby we both know


In first, fun

Cutting my losses

In first world, I love you it'll pass


In boy bye, breaking heart

Faith and Firsts

In work work work work work work,

My life's changed, again

In baby bye bye bye, break up

The Wheel

In abuse, infidelity

Timing, as always

In break up, cheating

Ask and you shall receive

In anniversary, best blog

Between senility and anxiety

In breaking heart, shopping

Take my card away

In breaking heart, convent school girls

Journal entry #6

In airport, baby bye bye bye


In grandfather,

Glorious Spring

In anger, failed plans

A Colossal Fuck Up

In Long Distance, social distancing

Winter's gone on for too long

Hos in Different Area Codes


Stalker Count