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Friday, May 06, 2022

A list of things I paid for since I got dumped and got an untimely period out of stress (complete with item reviews)—

A butterscotch birthday cake - did not taste. I hate whipped cream. 

A whole meal at SBOW- pretty fucking good. It tasted like a good spend. 

One vegetable and one chicken patty - vegetable patty was sick, it was flakey and soft and delicious. 10/10. Sibling ate the chicken patty so no clue. 

Platform slippers - very hot, love that I can wear them everywhere and they're cash promiscuous. 

Slice of Biscoff Cheesecake - had two spoons. Average. 

A unicorn sipper - came fucking broken. Returned. 

Five lipsticks for my mother - each of them one better than the other. 

A double bedsheet - mother likes it but thinks the quality isn't as good as the last one I bought. 

Burgerama Chicken popcorn - Jesus in heaven, so fucking crisp and so so good. Shared with the date (who hasn't dumped yet) while watching a film. 

Skims lounge dress - it better be worth 6.3k cause that's one whole article payment. 

A unicorn sipper - let's form a prayer circle now. 

Plastic straws - look promising and hella cute. 

Peppa Pig and a unicorn gel pen - I am FIXATED. They work okay but god, the body is incredible and I have been using them as a distraction from anxiety. 

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