Wicked Extremities

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

 Choose your fighter

No writing for a whole month versus squeezing writing between shaving cooch, showering, baking, getting ready, and paying a credit card bill because wow I had an epiphany that writing can cure my yearning

Ghosting every single man cause he's not him versus putting all eggs in the basket for a man who's so emotionally (and physically) unavailable that my ADHD friend has now remembered him for 4 whole days

Attending all occasions in life make-up-free and avoiding putting a single thing on the face versus having a whole eye-shadow routine that makes you second guess if you're now a woman-possessed

Falling for every damn writer—ugly or otherwise—at the drop of the hat vs cringing on a date with a writer when he's seemingly on the same page as you

Not questioning a damn thing when the man in front of you love-bombed the hell out of you versus screaming, crying, throwing up cause someone you went out with that the better sense of taking things slow (so slow that it is fading out so what's even the point)

Putting in an aggressive workout versus eating deep-fried bread rolls for dinner the same day

Taking 10 days off from work to repair your relationship with yourself versus not staying home for a minute, not rotting in bed but just travelling and prancing around the city

Sporting a heavy bush versus cutting yourself trying to shave aggressively

Going out with the hope of meeting a cute guy and falling in love eventually versus getting upset at the end of a date cause we didn't bone and nothing of the sort suggested we're down that road soon enough

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