Thank u, next

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

 Some days I tell myself, I can do everything. 

On those days, I can touch the sky. I can hop, skip, and jump for 14000+ steps between Delhi and Gurgaon and be stoked through the 9 hours that I spend there. I can willingly be in discomfort and pain while wearing heels through the day, prancing between South Delhi and Cyber Hub, riding the train meant for toddlers, where parents younger than me are waiting for me to get done so they can get their child on the toy train. On those days, I can grab two donuts and look like a total idiot with half my lipstick smeared off my face. All through everything, I'll be joyous. Heart full of love and warmth and rainbows and unicorn poop and glitter confetti. 

On others, I can put in a decent workout, wait for it to exhaust me, hit Gurgaon, hit 10000 steps, sit in an unfamiliar lobby and blast terrible boy band music while corporate executives judge me for wearing a jumper dress with pearl embroidered as popcorn, make terrible decisions and speak more than I should, crack a joke when I don't have the strength to keep a straight face, call my best friend and cry to her about an hour about a boy who broke my heart. No amount of clean eating, diet soda, helpful conversations, break-up music, and wins in my stride helps. No favourite meals or jokes about natal charts and planning can help me get out of my head. 

Today, was another day. Tomorrow will be yet another

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