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Wednesday, April 05, 2023

 How did I miss writing in March? 

Anyway, remember when we glossed over gaming? I don't know if I did but allow me to tell you about the time, long ago, when we played a board game well into the night. That house party somehow transcended to let's stay here until the hosts chuck us out. There was a round (or maybe more, I can't remember). What I do remember is the host letting her significant other win the game, because she was so deeply and passionately in love. 

I mulled over it for days, weeks, months; I may have even discussed it with the only other party guest there besides the couple (again, I can't remember the details, because fuck me I am old). What I do, however, remember clearly is how uncomfortable it made me. Not on account of the fact the girl went and lost the game but also that she handed her victory on a platter to the guy she was dating and it seemed all too sincere. 

Would you ever lose a game to someone you love? Fuck, would you ever lose a game to someone you're into and/or dating? I wouldn't know. I hadn't encountered that situation at the time. Today, if anything, understanding how someone treats you and reacts to you during a game is critical because it gives me an insight into the person that you are. 

Over the last few years, I have had to establish I take the competition seriously with most men I encountered in the dating space. Very few took that further than the conversation and among the ones who did, they fell flat; either we didn't game or they fucked up. In any case, I never had someone lose a game for me or give up their victory. To be completely real, in my opinion, it's an icky act but to each their own and if that makes your world go round then who am I to comment on your preferences. 

Anyway, lads, find someone who apologizes to you after the game is over on a different platform cause he felt bad about kicking your ass brutally at a game you taught him. Turns out it is entirely possible to be nice and pissant all at once. 

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