Thursday, March 18, 2021

I hate my laptop more than I hate anything else in the world. I know— I should show some gratitude to this old tinfoil of a machine, just for the shared history and how we've known each other over the years. I genuinely believe that this laptop brought in a string of bad luck. A friend calls it "Saade Saati", implying 7.5 years of ill luck, but here we are, nearly at the end of that period and still no luck. Unemployment has become a permanent fixture and curiosity is nearly dead. I have only one thing to blame, you know it. 

My permanent retainers have both come off. One is jabbing my tongue from the right and the other is in pieces that I'm holding together with agnostic prayers, night after night. Not the best look especially if you have spent the better part of your 20s practicing celibacy by the virtue of having adult braces (and then with the motherfucking pandemic). 

I'll probably dedicate separate posts to the celibacy end of things in time to come, when hopefully wires are not jabbing my tongue as I speak. Although, the irony is not lost on me. I don't need to *speak* of those events and I also do need to point the obvious that my mouth couldn't sustain the damage done to my ego (?). 

Clarity, in days to come. Hopefully, when my arse is on fire closer to the deadline of my dreaded return to academia after a while. 

Until then, here's something I hate. 

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