Doggy Bagged Dinner

Monday, March 08, 2021

 "Uncle, thank you for sending the food. I had it over lunch and dinner and it was lipsmacking!"

"Arey, thank you kis baat ka beta. What did we even send?"

"Uh, there was Paneer and Methi Malai Matar. Both were excellent! Can I speak to aunty? I want to thank her as well."

"Oh beta, she's gone to bed but I'll tell her you called. You should have come over naa. We missed you."

"Yeah uncle, I was sort of busy. Uh, yeah but next time."

"Aap thodi der ke liye hi aa jaate?"

"Han uncle, but I was on a date. That's why I couldn't come by."

"Oh achaa, haan beta woh bhi zaroori hain."

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