See You Again

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Covid may have started the discourse around the new world, but it hasn't quite rescued us from our traumas. Our traumas, the kind that we carry with us at all times. The ones that don't quite show outwards until a trigger or many. These are just as real as it was in our pre-Covid life. 

Of the ones where we lay lifeless on a bed after a resounding no to a man and he proceeded to ram his body. 

Of the ones where a first kiss was forced and not dreamy as people cite, or even bad where people bite. 

Of those we have faced when we woke up without the person who meant the world to us and realized, we've lost them to an ailment far worse, far more helpless than Covid itself. 

Of the relationships we built and called them love; the ones that remain now as debris in our memory. 

Of growing up self-dependent, knowing, there's nobody to call home or our own in a world full of joy and chatter. 

We're still living through those. The new normal does no justice to our past traumas. For all it's credibility and conversational ability, it won't ever. 

(Title reference; track of the day)

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