Every you, every me

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Nothing noteworthy happened today. Besides, 

Stepping out of the house, in the car. 
Delhi looked every bit stunning. Absence has made the heart fonder. Wonder how I'll react when I see my friends. 

I started a new social media project. 
One that I'd discussed with a few friends and hopefully in days to come, it'll be where I dispose all my energy.

Saw TV like old days. 
Actually sat tight to see two back-to-back episodes of a show I used to love. The new season sucks balls but I stayed in bed throughout the morning and interspersed between that and playing Mortal Kombat. 

Procrastinated life. 
I told myself I'd write at noon but I wasted time pursuing other hobbies. Naturally, all you get is a lousy checklist of my day's highlight. 

(Title track; reference of the day)

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