Exhibit B

Thursday, July 09, 2020

We have a five year age gap, my sister and I. We’re at two ends of a spectrum, that’s how different we are. If you were to meet us, you’d never know we’re cut from the same cloth.

Circa 1999, a proud elder sister walks her baby sister inside the school gate. I tell everyone, “my sister is now in this school.”

Exhibit B is not impressed. For years together, everyone refers to her as “Exhibit A’s sister”. It goes on,  from our neighbours, to the teachers in school. As an elder, insufferably pampered child, I can’t imagine what that must be like. For her, I’m sure it was a pain. It didn’t help that I’d set impossible standards in terms of academics and beyond. Should have calmed my pre-pubescent tits when I had the chance. 

Exhibit B graduates school, and later college. Her adult self is nothing like me. Not even close, almost as if it repulses her to be in any which way similar to me. If I like chalk, she likes cheese. Pathetic analogy, but you get the drift. We’re poles apart. Yet, “Exhibit A’s sister” sticks around. This time, when she’s at work and is spotted by my team from work at her workplace. 

“Will you ever just leave me alone?”, she asks exasperatedly, at the end of a tiring workday. “Your job ends at 6 pm and you’ve got people all over the city who look at me and call me “Exhibit A’s sister”. It’s like you’re hounding me.”


Last night, I find myself at an upscale restaurant. According to some, the reservations are impossible to get. For a few others, it’s in Asia’s top 50 restaurant list. I make way to the best seats in the house with my girlfriends. We place our dinner and drink order and twiddle our thumbs anticipating, will this be worth it? Minutes later, our drinks arrive. A fine red for my friends and a refreshing mocktail for me. 

Given my untimely hives attack last evening, I was on strong anti allergies and hadn’t placed a drink order at all. While I did want the pomegranate based lemonade, I was holding out till the main course to see if I could abuse my body with a glass of red, instead of a juice. 

“Hi, I think you’ve got this on the wrong table. We just ordered two glasses of wine.”

My phone lights up with the notification, “Did you get the drink?”

The server responds, “This is for you from the management. You’re Exhibit B’s sister, aren’t you?”

Exhibit B’s sister is massively proud of how far she’s come. 

(Track of the day)

Turns out, I took more than I could chew. I am refurbishing something I wrote for another platform and using it here because it's far too good a story to be wasted this way and Exhibit B's nearly unemployed. Just about nearly cause Covid and life. This is her last working week until we know any further. As good a time as any to share how massively proud I am of this girl.

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