Piece of Time (Part-1)

Saturday, July 11, 2020

I've not read the greatest comic book ever written. 

There, I said it. 

I'd be lying if I said I don't have the intention but let's just call what white people call kismet. 

Or I could write and tell you all about it. 


This dates back to 2009. I had a crush on this guy, a senior in college, and a friend who was a classmate with the said guy was trying her best to set us on a date for a few months. It so happened that he wanted to show up on the day of my school farewell but due to some unforeseen circumstances (his friend, later girlfriend asked him to come over or some such) he couldn't, and well, let's just say that was a sad end. 

Why I bring all this up is because the next time I was asked to join this group of people, I was writing board exams and there was no way in hell I could let him or anything distract me. The goal was to land up in this guy's college, and not just cause this cute guy was there, but also cause lots of cute guys. 

Anyway, back to the story. The group of seniors was going to a film. The film was based on this comic book. That's the first I heard of it. I was also told the film was okay but the nerds loved it and well, that piqued curiosity enough. Enough for me to summon an order at home in my list of things to do after the completion of writing board exams. 

I did get the CD but it was in Hindi. Some error ensured that I had to wait two months before I could get myself so watch the pirated copy in Hindi. 

Needless to say, it wasn't half as much fun or intriguing as the prospect of watching that with the group of people I was asked to join. 

Cut to over a decade later. I'm told this comic book has made a reboot in form of a TV show; one of the best from 2019. I'm intrigued. I'm also reminded of that gorgeous introverted guy, the one who I had a crush on at 17 and that went nowhere. Never mind, I tell myself. I'm gonna watch it and re-write this story. 

I start streaming it. I think two or three episodes in, I get a text, "Are you watching...?"

I ignored that text until my next conversation with the said person. I think it was outside a bookshop where we stood and discussed the TV show. 

"Have you read the book?"


"Okay, stop watching the show and read the book first. You're going to love the show more then. Infact you should take my copy. Why don't you come to my place and pick it?"

I take this person's this advice seriously. Mostly, cause he disseminates the advice outside the bookstore and that he reads but also cause I get it, some people are authorized to shove words of wisdom for the certain pop culture and interest-based nuances and he's one of them. However, no thank you on that offer. If the book is indeed the best comic book, I'll add it to my collection and buy it soon. 

I take it off my download list for the upcoming work trip I was saving that for and instead download a bunch of films to catch up on. 

I return from the trip to find this person texting me to wait for him at the airport. Only, I read the text at home. No bump-ins at the arrival. 
Over the next 48 hours, we find ourselves amidst situations around us including riots, student and civil rights activist protests, drunken camaraderie with our respective friend, events and more action than all of 2020 has seen thus far. We also find ourselves trying to make a plan to watch some fuckall film/show together. To mope in solidarity about the state of affairs and maybe to banter some more on other obscure things that make us warm acquaintances friends. 

Here I must establish, this person doesn't quite live in the country. He's supposed to leave for his hometown in a hot minute. On the eve, I ask him for a drink. He agrees. 

"One drink. I have relatives from overseas."

Yeah, I have other plans too. I'm supposed to meet my other friends after. 

I request this person to carry a copy of the book. I might as well take him up on that offer cause I've a week off for Christmas from work. 

He tells me he's planning to take his copy back with him. He plans to read it over Christmas. 


By the time, I'm out of the shower, fashionably and painfully late, I see a barrage of texts. Among that, 

"In my infinite generosity though i have decided to VERY TEMPORARILY lend it to you."

Great. I'd have the book with me by Christmas. 

(To be continued. Title track reference)

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