Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The human friend equivalent- of the guys who snap at bra straps to unhook the bra in a single attempt- are the kind of people I sincerely revere and long to stay away from. It's almost as if they can smell what's wrong, off you, in the moment you can rarely conceive for being present. A solitary exchange of words and they're able to gauge and extract whatever is the matter. This results in their actions which lead to an extreme reaction- in the form of breaking down, or the eternal catharsis that one is in tremendous need of, as opposed to the current state of clotting. 

Clots consisting of painful realizations, memories and unsuspecting emotions that stick to you like the faecal matter that attaches itself to the public toilets (and is not visible to a naked eye, in the case of this analogy, human heart). These individuals are the human equivalent of the cotton swabs dipped in the most potent spirit. You can use it to first clean all the crap you've mentally prepared to recite to them. Slowly, the tincture releases the sting and you're forced to drop the game. Through the process of a single rub, you're able to recite to them. Things which you've bottled up, keeping it deep down your chest and holding it tightly. Finally, you break out. In pain, in the absence of holding down your greatest regrets, you break down. 

Easy, as a single snap on the bra. An expert in unravelling through tight spots and cages. These people are evil. Stay away from them.

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