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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When you're in your 20s and no longer living up the 'first time' of things, you begin to realize how rare it is an opportunity to stumble upon something, which is a 'first' for you.

This evening, I discovered that I read things in op's voice. That is, I have to know you/meet you at least once in order for that to work. It's a lot more painful than what I make it sound like. 

A tweet, an update, even texts and snapchat- all of it breeds on my memory of individual units. So, if I see you closing your rant on social media with your favourite one-liner, my brain automatically does your impression and recites it down. It's almost a dead-giveaway who I'm referring to here today (one single person whose posts are all over everyone's feed today, on his general frustration against mass stupidity). So much for masters in communication. 

Imagine, you come across a piece of writing, say in the form of a Facebook note. Written by your former classmate, you read the whole thing down, right to the periods in his manner of speaking. Mid-way, you lose focus on the content because really, he was always a selfish piece of crap and his writing reeks of the same. Suddenly, you look up and realize you read the whole thing in his voice- paused to make jokes mentally with your best friend and resumed reading. 

What, nobody? Okay. 

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