Saturday, June 06, 2015

Over several rounds of cheap wine and halfway decent beer, a bunch of us from my old college met earlier this evening. The get together had all the necessary elements that any house party slash get together requires- OCB, roasting, spillage of drinks, morose lighting and extremely happy faces. We discussed rumours, exchanged stories and spilled gossip about the ones who were not there. There was some amount of leg pulling, arising from previous get-togethers and situations where all of us were put together. If one could plot a graph, the best part of the parties are usually when everyone has hit the level of being stoned/drunk where nobody truly cares about filling the silence with banter. It's when everyone tries the hardest to recall the chain of thought- what were we discussing again?

Coming back to this evening, we had a lull some five-six times when we all went silent trying to think what I was saying before someone interrupted me. It's unbelievable when six people sit together and collectively recall what was being talked about and not even one gets it right. Anyway, most part of the evening was a blur, with different sub-groups passing out in different corners, and I, with my phone trying to figure the whereabouts of dinner.

Naturally, entire ride back home I went over the details of the lost plot that was going to be my highlight of the evening. Was it about the time someone was being inappropriately flirtatious? Was it about my job hazards? I wouldn't have wanted to discuss my colleague's fail interpretation of the web. So, what was it?

It just occurred to me, minutes ago, the lost plot of the evening. Incidentally, I was in the shower when I conceived of this- as a stirring conversation starter and also as an almost serious plan. Given our range of intoxicants for the night, I was pretty sure this would be a hit. This idea relapsed during a shower again, My money's with the person who invents a mechanism/application/device to record the shower thoughts.

I digress, but the whole things was a suggestion, rather an idea for a television pilot. Something more evolved and definite than a v-blog, yet, retaining the production value of something done by those with a management studies degree. I'd like to believe if Chetan Bhagat can judge dance, management studies degree holders can also make television.

The plot's roughly inspired by a Reddit AMA, I came across a long while back- wherein an upvoted comment was actually a suggestion about turning the AMA as a background into a script for a media project. Back in the day, The Voice had Adam Levine and not Himesh Reshammiya, and neither had I researched extensively about the nuances of the background. Now that the situation's different, I suppose we can look into producing a pilot. Giving out the idea here, in the eternal hope that someone can pick on it, develop it and win some awards off it. This is how it works now- you research extensively, for yourself- sit an exam, a fellowship or its equivalent- lose it to the person who's lifted off your work and extended upon incorrect research and it gets accolades.

This AMA was being done by a man, in a serious relationship with a commercially acclaimed pornstar. He'd provided with ASL along with some other intimate details of the lady in question, but had clearly avoiding narrowing it down to names. However, he had stopped short at giving out her pictures/identity as he had claimed that she was not comfortable. There were details, enough for anyone to have narrowed her down- and to say, there were more than a handful of people who actually did find the woman. Only, the man kept insisting that he wouldn't confirm or deny. The interesting thing about AMAs or this particular AMA was deconstructing this dude's life- from the hundred different perspectives of those who were participating in a collective discussion about his life as a boyfriend to a porn-star. How his average 'package' could weigh against the beefed up male pornstars' and how would his girlfriend react to his demands of sleeping with him, after a rough day at work (no puns intended). There were situations created for the man- what would happen after his girlfriend were to be introduced to his family. Would his mother flip out after finding out through the father- that her husband's possibly seen her naked- what would be her relationship with his friends- given how each one of them would have probably jerked off to her etcetera. It was quite possibly one of the most interesting threads on Reddit- the potential of each comment to actually materialize into a 45 minute slot. Two seasons of television show could have been easily written around it- with playing around the text and the voice. Apparently doing 120+ porn movies in your two-three year long career is considered a success in LA in the adult film circuit. Reading a dissertation on Kanti Shah has convinced me that the man knows his business and the fact that he should be making this series, for the right amount of pathos and action.

Having said that, if you do come across this thread online, please do read through each and every comment. It's over 5k responses so the best idea would be to visualize most of the content- as a script. Also, please feel free to lift off material and send it to your professors/boss/producers in case you run short of ideas. I will sleep with the satisfaction that I contributed something to the world vicariously. 

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