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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Minutes ago, I re-read the email communication I set up between my professor from the university and the art designer/assistant director of an upcoming independent release that's making wave in India and abroad- for the possibility of hosting a screening of the said film at my university.

Only in the third reading of the mail (and those of you in academics would know that third reading is the one where you have any chance of attaining enlightenment. If you're lose beyond the third then nobody can help you but your mentor) I realized the horror. I'd listed my School's name wrong. An error so big that my next step seems rational.

I pick up my phone. No signal. Pick up the cordless. Panic. Call Meggy. She answers. Ofcourse she would. Around the same time as the email, I exchanged a few messages with her- don't ask what.

"I want to curl up like a ball and die."


"Hello? Meggy? I want to curl up like a ball and die, dude. I can bare-"

"You've dialled a wrong number!"

*Slams the phone down*

"You should really curl up like a ball and die now."- sibling.

Oh, and parting shot? Got a call at 12 wishing me birthday. "Thanks! But it's not my birthday."

"Wait, who are you? Whose number have I dialled?"

Everyone's lost it.

Addendum: Just sent a message to one of my 'proposed' research subject's. Academic sweet nothings about how he should continue doing his line of work (for my proposal to live yadda yadda). Giant typo changing the sentence.

I should retire now. 

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