Of Mother and Others

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The last few days have hinged on my consumption of irrelevant intoxicants whilst churning out words, that I presented, bi-weekly in my MPhil seminar lectures. While, I got around comfortably with the latter, former may or may not have caused an impact on the younger sibling. If the parentals are to believed, all that she's ever done in her life, which amounts to deviance and obstinacy, could be blamed on three recurring nights of alcohol, debauchery and some more. Three nights? My birthday, churned between A and A's. Also, Ud's party, which clashed with other A's party on the same night. I could produce an individual account of all that happened on all these evenings and mornings and classes but then again, as long as my mother continues to read this and gather events and occurrences of my life from this page, it shall remain barren. So, well. Thank you, mum. Private is no longer private and I am Arvind Kejriwal.

On a personal front, this month has been quite a turbulent one. With some high and most low notes from the cushions I possessed, I now stand at the edge of cleanse. Having done nothing productive except for one solitary reading and not moved as much as 100 miles in one day, I badly need a cleanse. Cleanse from friends, men, women, food and life. Abstinence from everything I've indulged in and that which has caused me irrelevant pain, trouble and well, my time in the last couple of weeks. It definitely is a bummer when you include the melted cheese garlic toastie in the list. Off 3000 calories I consumed today, I overdid some 2200 and for what? Replacing humans. Classic Fall trauma.

Imogen Heap is stuck in my head as I get on with the television. It's a torrid affair between me and television this year and I'm living my favourite month of the year with O.C. re-runs. Pretty much that one show which was my stepping stone into the popular culture from the nerd-dome back in the day. My mother decided to not raise her voice during one half of an episode from second season where the melodrama was on it's peak- causing carnal desire between the characters. By the time they acted it out, my mother decided to preach. I am a lost cause because I'm watching O.C.- a show which, according my mother, is the reason why I 'answer back' these days. Ofcourse, she didn't stay for the parts that portrayed Cohen family in happier times- which isn't quite as rare as I used to believe back when I was 13. O.C. still melts my heart and it's a miracle that a show this 'shallow' has seen the test of times. Josh Schwartz has done a phenomenal job with the music and the plot, nobody can take that away from the series. Regardless of how much I detest the central issues of characters that swing between damsel in forever distress and femme fatale, I believe that this encapsulates the spirit of American teen drama that ought to have been big. Shit happens, indeed.

Speaking of O.C., I've acknowledged my love-hate relationship with Imogen Heap once again and this time, it's for good. Cannot get this out of my head.

I've also been caught with 'acting like 13' syndrome by excessively using Snapchat. The stupid app is convenient for a short lived memory and the cheap thrill that comes along. but I like the pleasures of holding onto images and going back in time. More than sentimentality, it helps in recovering old shots through direct messages, archives etc when the cloud computing fails, which is an issue, I predict that will be plaguing my life soon.

In the last few days, I also happened to have turned an year older. This is straight off Fa's Tumblr, and quite the right timing I'd say.

"It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday and then quietly and without you really noticing someday is today and then someday is yesterday and this is your life."

— Nathan Scott 

Here's hoping, the next 23 years be as fruitful as the ones that I ceased living. 

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