Shit just got Surreal

Monday, July 09, 2012

Ever been in a situation where on a sidewalk, you're trying to save a cup of iced Americano from a stray, while trying to help a friend, who's smeared in mustard from top to bottom, dripping out of his chicken Panini- which he is eating and trying to save from the same stray when a creepy, 6o something year old is reciting shaayeri about studying Masters.

Clumsy eater friend was trying to win a friendly battle with the diced tomato when the slice of tomato was hell bent upon attacking back with more dripping mustard, while politely nodding at the 
uncle's friendly attempt to bond

A dog. Mustard sauce. Chicken Panini. Clumsy writer. Iced Americano. Clumsy eater. Shaayeri uncle and you're seemingly caged on a staircase facing the main road.

Part deux is where a beggar boy enters the picture and demands Didi- Bhaiya to buy Ben 1o and Barbie stickers from him and get him a bottle of Bisleri water (rs. phipteen only) from the nearest Panwari. This bottled water chap decides to stick around for a while and enquires the rate of Apple iPhone running across India and decides to talk about the iPhones and Blackberry's coming from China. Oh, and water that I offered, was apparently not what he wanted. Right.

Happened today after the darned entrance. Needless to say, it was funny.

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