Perfect ten

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don't take names) 
  1. You're nothing but a slut.
  2. I hate you and your rodent face. Do this world a favour, go and die.
  3. I quit.
  4. I am actually jealous of your life.
  5. Can you stop copying everything I do?
  6. You’re just an asslicker.
  7. Your car, back seat. Now?
  8. I find you irresistibly sexy each time you open your mouth to say something insignificant.
  9. You. You make me go wet at all the places each time you initiate a conversation with me.
  10. I know who you did this spring.

NINE things about yourself:
  1. I used to be a better person when I was 18 than what I am today.
  2. I am very, very sensitive. I don’t know why can’t people see through me.
  3. I love chips, almost shamefully.
  4. I can't bear drunk people and those who misbehave with waiters.
  5. I'm a negative person.
  6. I like predicting and analysing stuff.
  7. I am a secret fashion lover.
  8. My mother used to feed me meals after letting me lick Hajmola for each bite. Till today, I love Hajmola.
  9. I have never smoked up.

EIGHT ways to NOT win your heart:
  1. Talk to me or infront of me in fake accent.
  2. Talk meaningless crap about politics and pretend to understand it.
  3. Think I'm good for nothing.
  4. Take one small bite of food and claim to be full.
  5. Bitch about the fact I rant.
  6. Be a pompous ass.
  7. Diss reading. And jazz.
  8. Again, be rude to the sundry.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
  1. Am I ever going to be happy?
  2. Where's my hair tie?
  3. I wish I could write. 
  4. Let’s jam today.
  5. I wish I were tall and petite.
  6. I used to have pretty feet.
  7. I need to start driving.

SIX things you wish you had never done:
  1. Coloured my hair.
  2. Lost a broche that belonged to my aunt.
  3. Commerce in 11 and 12 grade.
  4. Stopped playing in the middle of a gig.
  5. Left a student’s exchange to Sri Lanka at the last moment.
  6. Taken this internship up.

FIVE turn-offs:
  1. Hipsters.
  2. Ass lickers.
  3. Condescendence.
  4. Bullying.
  5. Fake accents.

FOUR turn-ons:
  1. Attention to fine detail.
  2. Cigarette and cologne with that ridiculous smile.
  3. Respect. For everyone.
  4. Punctuality.

THREE things you want to do before you die:
  1. Be petite.
  2. Indulge in poetry. A la Romantics
  3. Get someone to dedicate a book to me.

TWO smileys that describe you:
  1. :v
  2. :D

ONE confession:
  1. I didn’t know how to spell “individual” till I was 17.

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