Sunday, July 08, 2012

How to fail an entrance like a boss.

1). Enroll for MA Philosophy after knowing how brilliant the faculty is.
2). Get into crap with the dealing officer when you're about to submit your form.
3). After, aforementioned heroic acts, sit back and pretend this didn't happen.
4). Realize that the entrance will include Logic. (We meet again, dear friend)
5). Realize further that all that this entrance will entail is Logic and maybe Western, here and there.
6). Panic.
7). Talk to Aroon.
8). Get drunk a night before exam. Pissed drunk .The kind when you can't drunk dial anyone. Don't puke. Save it for the morning.
9). Wake up. Brush. Feel groggy.
1o). Walk to the centre with shades on- to hide puffy eyes and slap silence across your face.
11). Write crap. Don't hesitate. You're hungover.
12). Wait for the result to tell you, you've failed yet another exam.

Mission accomplished.

Because failing this entrance, sober, would be too much for me to bear. 

                                                        *Distracts readers by posting old blog posts. Goes back to sleep*

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