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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Each morning I wake up to the most depressing sound of a fucking alarm preset in my phone, sharp at 7:o5 (first call being at 6:39 am which I conveniently ignore), after which I land up in my grandfather's room to pick the newspaper, almost mechanically. Cursory greetings- Hello Sasha. Good morning, mm. Work, yes.

At 8:18, I land up at the cab pick up point, sharp. Wait till 8:32 for cab to arrive. Wait till 8:41 for the editor, at the same spot. Get stuck in the jam at 9:o3 am at Noida and turn on the old Dell at work precisely at 9:37 am. By 11:12 am, I've slushed all the manuscripts and I do facebook-gmail-blog routine that lasts till lunch, 12:23 pm. Report back to work station by 1:45 pm and grab double coffee by 2:48 pm.

After getting dropped off at Delhi by about 6:16 pm, I wait for autos to arrive which takes anywhere from 5-45 minutes.

I don't know what the fuck am I doing with my life. My days have become fucking fluid, no idea what direction they're flowing in. I could do with a whiskey sour and some hard boiled eggs to get over this and tell myself dropping the year is just fine. All I do know is, I despised Aristotle, cribbed about everything MA and have an MA interview scheduled at the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, tomorrow.

Shoot me if I land up doing that. Or, come back to this page with a sorry face saying, I had no option.

They better don't ask me why I'm pursuing this. Just praying to Aristotle for that.

I just want December. Grey sweatshirt and short days where I can get home early from work.

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