Monday, July 20, 2020

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved frivolous shit. Her earliest memory of frivolous stuff is made of Rupees 10 at a school fete, which she spent at a Lucky Dip and won herself a pair of tiny blue beaded fish hook earrings. Won at age 6, even at 28, she's still in possession of those. 

Between age 6-28 she spent all her money buying earrings. She also bought stationery and books but earrings, she never talked about. She spent all her savings buying the quirkiest (a rather abused word) and cutest pairs of hoop earrings, fish hooked danglers and every possible bauble. Over the years her style evolved and she owned so many pairs that each time she went out and met people, everyone stopped to admire her earrings. She's truly invested in those.

Then, as luck would have it, she lost her means of livelihood. Times became difficult and she regretted shopping for an obnoxious amount a day before her job ended, which she didn't see coming. 

Over the months, she picked up odd jobs and made pittance, enough to cover for new pairs of earrings. However, as things do, she had other expenses and gifts to give so she blew it all. 

The evil employer delayed her last payment and without any money in the offing, she wondered what would she do. 

Until one day, she woke up and saw the most amazing pair of hoop earrings. Complete with a holographic bow like candy wrapper, these looked every bit gorgeous and she knew they were made for her. She imagined how she would look wearing them and then went on to the seller's website to buy. Until she saw the price.

That's practically how much she had made that month and her employer hadn't cleared her payment. Despite a tiny amount she felt awful, broken. Broke, too. But mostly sad. How could she not be in a position to buy frivolous shit. Isn't that the purpose of life? 

She did have her savings but she also wondered, does she want to mooch off that to buy frivolous crap? What's the purpose of frivolous crap in a world where all we are doing is repeating three outfits daily. 

She brooded. She brooded a lot; also cause PMS. She brooded for a week. She wrote to a friend and asked him to talk her out of buying those. 

The friend, a certain Sloth, did his best. He questioned the purpose and the material and everything else and made her realize, they were far too frivolous. Far too brittle.

She made her peace.

Until the next day when Sloth asked her address and how he wanted to get her a pending birthday present. She resisted and fought and told him how she doesn't want handouts and that wasn't the idea. He calmed her down and told her it's okay to be okay accepting things, especially when clueless Sloth had no idea what to get her for her actual birthday the year before.

This morning, her pack of frivolous earrings arrived and good god, they were better than the photographs. 

The girl, since then, has been many folds happier. She's worn them after a long time of not wearing anything but giant hoops (the bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho) and it filled her heart. It's okay to fall down, it's okay to fail and it's okay to take help to stand again. 

The girl wore new earrings and everything looked up for her. 

(Title reference; track of the day)

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