Whiskey in the Jar

Friday, July 24, 2020

Things July reminds me of: 

Power-cuts in school towards the 7th period. Not a single soul would be in the mood for the end of the day Value Education class with Sr Ivy. The same one where we were once asked to pick between one of three (virtues?) success, money, happiness. AP and I were the only two people in the class who picked money (and we got deathly stares). Rest everyone picked happiness. 

Looking at everyone else's baby's TikTok channel, I'm sure they got the happiness they were looking for. 

Days at work in the office. There's something so mellow about the yellow fluorescent lights that illuminate the room despite no sunlight. Someone would invariably order thick jalebis, the kind I absolutely detest, and I'd have to beg the office guy for warm water just so could I have my Americano. 

Getting stuck in the traffic jam. Record time 9 hours in the car to cover 9 km, with my Italian classmate. To be completely clear, I don't miss that whatsoever. 

Sprawling inside Babloo's canteen after many a cancelled shoots was an unparalleled joy. Looking for autos to come back home, not as much.  

(Title reference; track of the day)

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