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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Turns out, writing daily is not as easy as thinking about it in a shower is. Somehow, the strong scent of body wash aids to bad ideas and lathering on that further seems just about doable? I can't believe I talked myself into this. 

Truth be told, I've done nearly five weeks and some more of writing daily to a stranger and that seemed far easier than writing to um, nobody? 

In a Pyramid of writing, this is self-actualization level of activity whereas writing daily to a guy from a dating app (with no end whatsoever) is a bad argument to talk yourself into writing daily. 

You know, P? She calls me out on all my bad ideas usually at the incubation stage. This afternoon she did on this one as well.

"Have you written about me?"

No, do you want me to?

"Hell no. I don't want to be written about. I want to die and disappear."

"What did you write about today?"

Haven't. I'll do that after this call.

"How long does it take? All evening?"

Nope, like an hour tops. 

"Wow, you don't take all day to write a sentence?"

No, man, who the fuck does that?

"I do. I spend all my day from morning to evening trying to write one sentence if I have to."

Nope, this isn't that. 

It's 11:44 pm and not only am I digressing. I'm also a bad liar. I have taken all day to think and there's nothing I could come up with. In my defense, while writing to someone is also about pressing the right buttons and asking the right questions, it's also in a way knowing your audience. You can gauge a lot about people and their words and their reactions but not as much when you're writing to a blank platform with no returns. It's as though I've tasted blood. 

Speaking of tasting, I'm parched. Maybe some water. Maybe another shower. Maybe, better thoughts?

(Title reference; track of the day

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