Friday I'm in love

Friday, July 03, 2020

Am I though? 

I'm in a whole lotta gravy and then some cringe.

Gravy, from my erstwhile dinner that I thought of for less than an hour today while on call with a friend. 

Should I make potatoes?

"Nah. Make something else. It's Friday."

No, it's Wednesday or maybe Thursday.

"Bro, it's Friday."

Hold on, I'll put you on loudspeaker and check.

Fuck, it's Friday.

"Yeah man, this week just passed by. Send me a picture of your dinner."

It's not just the week that passed by. It's been a year and then some more. 

I was asked today, why did I cease painting. It's not entirely false that I can't get myself to do it. It's also not entirely false that I thought I'd write about my debilitating mental health. But decided against it all, and instead cooked a dinner. 

More like, added a chef's touch to half done food. A special cheese sauce, some hung curd, a salad on the side. Topped with lots of diet coke and a whole cooked egg on each side. If that's not screaming love and Friday. 

Speaking of love and Friday, I'm thinking of a new way to burn myself. A part of humour and a slice of me, altogether with some tropical bullshit. 

So what if I can't paint anymore. I can atleast think. That's still my ilk and will be mine alone. No amount of sharing with others can deter me from that. 

Right, this has been convoluted enough and truth be told, I'm losing this edge on writing with deadline so I'll end this crap. Tomorrow's a new day and I've hope that I'll do one or two odd readers here some justice. 

A word to the wise- if you find yourself reading this. Leave a comment. Anonymous/with name and drop in a line what would you like me to write about. Turns out I give fucks or five. 

(Title reference; track of the day)

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  2. Write about liberals, people who are awkwardly stuck in the position of understanding witty things but not being witty themselves, music, and Ice Prince


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