Friday, July 17, 2020

Things I'm absolutely sick of hearing (July 2020)

How are you? 

I don't get it. 

What do you mean? 

I'm sick of this lockdown. 

This lockdown needs to end. 

How are you feeling? 

Did you book an appointment with a therapist yet? 

You should book an appointment with a therapist. 

Please see this video. 

You have to see this video. 

It's a must-watch video. 

Want to play Ludo? 

Why don't you play Ludo?

Join my game of Ludo? 

You never play Ludo with me. 

You have to watch *insert name of the show*

Did you watch *insert name of the show*

PLEASE WATCH *insert name of the show*


I hate this person/that influencer/hate that ingredient/hate that food/hate this community/hate that comedian/hate this joke/this meme? 

Can you not hate on that person/that influencer/that ingredient/that food/that community/that comedian/that joke/that meme?

Are we on for a date? 

Do you think you can meet me for a date? 

Do you think we can meet? 

I saw you going out in your car. Let's meet? 

Can I come over? 

Can I come over and we can sit far away and I can see you? 

Can you come outside? I'm coming for five minutes. 

What are you having for dinner? 

(Title reference; track of the day)

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