Ginger Cat

Friday, January 31, 2020

"Do you have a man in your life?"

I had been chasing a fat ginger cat at the party, a work event, and had just perched myself on a couch- one of many at a plush flat in central Delhi. The families in the neighbourhood were most likely aware that the owners amongst others have (amongst many) spare houses and have converted the said property into an exhibition space. The owner was hosting a pre-public viewing party for selected friends. The crowd had poured in from one party to the other. Some familiar faces, others page 3 familiar.

The large verandah could be good for playing with a dog, hosting a bake sale, heck even lawn parties. I've seen 8 member families stay in smaller spaces than the size of the back lawn but here I was, in my pencil skirt and blazer, clutching my kulhad filled with qawah tightly. I had stopped to pet the cat, chilling with the artist seated across me. The cat escaped me and I remembered the words, "network, talk to people. This is appreciated."

"Haha, well, if you must know, I don't."

The artist raised a glass to me, "I hope you get someone who deserves you, soon."

"Do you have someone in your life?"

"No, I don't. That's why I was telling you. Take a break. From everything and everyone. Just disappear for a while. I did for six months after fifteen long years in Delhi. You know, everyone outside knows me and I know them but I don't want to go out. I want to be here, by myself. Sometimes you need the space, and from all that you have just told me about your life in the last one month, my darling you need a break."

"Are you the sign I'm looking for?"

"Maybe I am. You should really just get out for a week, or try to cut people out and see the difference. You'll feel light-headed."

I took out a strip of medicine from my bag and popped out a pill.

"Well, I'll be light-headed in no time and it didn't need wine."

"Darling you have glowing skin. You could use aloe vera and get off medicines. Just take care of yourself and put yourself up. If you like a guy and he doesn't like you back, just cut him out. You'll see he'll come running back with more intensity."

"I actually don't, not really."

"No, I mean cut things out. People, work and respect your body. Your mind and body are pretty much giving up on you because you're not treating either with respect."

"I think, I will."

"You deserve to be loved, darling."

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