Netflix and PhD

Sunday, April 08, 2018

About three months ago, I'd have chided at anyone who would have asked me my take on PhD.

But also, three months ago I was a totally different person.
Dead on the inside, if you must.

Heraclitus was right, you change just as soon as your thought does. Probably faster than the time it takes for the rays of the Sun to reach Earth. 8 minutes is a decent time to be one version of yourself.

If you've been following this page then you'd know that I also nearly died. PhD would be useless in the event of a death.

I mean, what sort of doctor can't save their life from Malaria? (question)
The kind that does a PhD in Cinema. (answer)

A step away from being vixen Doctor and about 10k odds words away from sealing the deal, but did I want to step in that boat twice? (the answer is no, in case you're looking for it).

Then, something happened.

Three odd days ago, I woke up to a deadline reminder for pitching my proposal to the faculty at large. "8 May is the final date. Call me and we'll discuss."

Owing largely to the ill health of me and mine, I was going to take the semester break and give myself a buffer period to bounce back.

However, here's the thing with me. If you're me, you don't do downtime. You don't put your life on buffer and stare at the screen to let the events unfold as they desire.

You grab life by the balls. You go down on it, you own it and tighten the grip because you're taught just as much. Never give up, don't bow down to the circumstances. You're a fighter, give that dirty cock a good squeeze and take the life out of it.

"I was thinking, instead of you know, the Kardashians, how about I work on Netflix as a new medium of post TV but on the internet?"

"That's a great idea."

72 hours, a few emails and a packed weekend later, we're getting down and dirty.

Bring that roof down, son. I'm coming for the last hurrah.

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