Johnny, Johnny

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This afternoon I expressed my yearning of quitting cutting sugar to my group of lunch companions.

"How are you consuming sugar?"

"In tea, that I have left."

"Ice creams?"

"Not a big fan. But I do dig in tea cakes."

Seven pm this evening, two cubes of milk chocolate. Because everyone needs chocolate (I hate chocolate) and since I had a salad for dinner, I could eat some crap. Even more crap a justification than the garbage I put together in my mouth.

Eight twenty pm this evening, I broke my intermittent fast. Gobbled a cup of Vanilla ice cream faster than you could spell that out loud. If I could do it any faster, I'd be a cartoon, an extra on Tom and Jerry.

Will quit sugar. Will do PhD. Will find a job that keeps me happy. Will also find the love of the life. 

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