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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This should be happening over a dinner table but my friends and I aren't in the same 10km radius and we sure as hell don't agree upon dinner time or meals anymore so this page it is.

It's Thanksgiving 2017 and I have a lot of people and things to acknowledge. Bear with me since that book deal didn't come through.

To mom, for specialised meals where I throw a tantrum regardless of how and what's been made. I am one step closer to what life I envision for myself in the future and while it's not been easy for her to understand that, it's been harder for me to implement. Wouldn't have been possible had she not taken that charge.

Dad, for keeping up with the madness at home despite doing a fabulous job with work. I have seen how people run family businesses now and I have new found respect for the passion he puts in his work daily.

To all the anciliary people who make my work possible every day, from my colleagues who are always ready forced to hear me crib and cry about uncontrollable situations with commissioned photography to the freelancers who come around when I am commissioning work. Even the people at Snake pit, who make magic happen occasionaly with their turn around time. Gratitude and a tip of the hat to most of you, for working at the pace at which I work, which is maniacal to say the least. Just because I don't have the semblance of a life doesn't mean the other key players don't. More often than not, they place work the way I do and it's commendable, for I am not making any sacrifices to do that.

To the team at the university, from my mentor to my colleagues. Everyone who came in to support me during my research thesis defence. It was quite a sight to see people hear me talk for what seemed like a whole afternoon. This lot  made me realize I no longer belong in academia since I was controlling my anxiety to quite an extent.

To the cast of Thanksgiving and the people who made the film. It's the worst art I've ever made so it's safe to say, there's only way but up. In terms of moving image only.

To the mad, mad bunch I call my friends. For making care packages and shoving them down my throat when I was sick in bed for over a month. For driving me around the city at my first call. For travelling with me to my favourite city and making up a whole backstory in case of any instant date situation (oh yeah, my fiancé is in Delhi but she's completely single). For keeping up with me despite my bad directions and insistence on doing tequilla shots on Monday night when the parties involved have day jobs to tend to, the day after. For listening to me cry, and laugh and rant and everything in between from 4159 miles and many a times zones away. For opening up the possibilty of swimming under the stars all Summer and watch me struggle at floating. For pushing me to eat clean and keeping up with my carb de-addiction phase. For being a call away and having someone say, "I'm always free for you."

Folks, you make my world go round.

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