TwentySex Wishlist

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In no specific list of want/need, here is my list of crap that I desire to be gifted (if you're planning to buy me something for my Twenty Sexth) -

1) Personalized sticky notes and letter heads - Complete with the title on the top "From the desk of *insert Aadhar card name*. Contact me for design ideas.

Location - Can be done at Nehru Place.

2) Adidas Stan Smith - Been a while since I invested in footwear and what better than these nummy ones which can be teamed with a dress and jeans alike. I wear a size 8. Prefer yellow colour but green will also do.

Location - Multiple (including Adidas' website, go lookitup).

3) Neon Glow Sign Board - I have been trying to get this done for two years now, never managed a day out to execute this. There's a quote I'd like and a colour I'd follow. It'd be great if a bunch could get together, put their resources and get this done!

Location - Paharganj (as far as I enquired). Will take time to get done. 

4) Polaroid - Been considering for a year now. I'm a hoarder and this is a perfect opportunity for me to hoard crap.  Some film on the side would be great as well. 

Location - Amazon. 

5) Paper globe string light - These are fucking expensive, not worth the price I'd like to pay but so fucking adorable. It's best I don't pay my hard earned money on them. 

Location - Dilli Haat or any relative flying to 'murika. They have it cheap there, from what I know. This is a sample of what they look like. 

6) Basic betch Merch - This sticker (for my laptop), this art print (for my desk) and this bag is cool too

Location - Online. 

7) Mean Girls Stuff - What's a birthday without a good measure of being reminded of who you really are. Refrigerator word quote magnet, this golden banner with golden words, wine're really spoilt for choice to pick from. No wine glasses and onesies please. I can't take either to work. This print for my desk works well too.  A golden mug maybe? 

Location - Etsy. 

8) USB with a list of shows and films - It's not that hard if you Torrent the fuck out and get out of this cycle of gifts. 

Location - Amazon for USB, Torrent for content.

9) A compilation of low carb, low fat recipes including the following - cauliflower, eggs, chicken, mushroom, spinach, corn, lemon, garlic, duck/turkey, beans. 

Location - Your kitchen? 

10) Hash - I'm not big on alcohol and definitely in no mood to smoke so some stuff to smoke up would make up for your lack of enthusiasm to pick from the rest of the list. 

Location - Bunty from Paharganj. Contact Mia K for contact details.

11) Tom Austen - Can a man be good looking and witty at the same time? Yes, he can. Yes, he exists. 

Location - Twitter. His feed can make anybody's day. 

12) Subscription to New Yorker - I contemplated between Netflix and Gym and decided, I'd like to retain my sass more than my bony ass or Lena Dunham instincts. 

Location - Find the subscription details here

13) A new wrist watch - My old one's working just fine but I could do with a choice. 

Location - Swatch? The other brands make no sense at how mindlessly expensive they are. Ask me for ideas. 

14) A Gallon Sized Water Bottle - I need to up my water intake from 3 to a gallon daily and the trips back and forth to water cooler waste my productivity. So.

Location - If I knew, I'd buy it myself. However, if you find something cool, please SHOW ME BEFORE YOU BUY. 

15) A single homemade donut. 

Location - Holy Family Hospital does KILLER donut with evening tea for patients, I don't know what day though. Sinner's donuts are a good competition but she does a dozen so I suggest, Holy Family might be a easier spot to crack. 

16) A plate of chicken tikka - Every fucking year, there's at least one person who brings me chocolate. If you're that person, please bring me some chicken tikka instead. I beg you. 

Location - Lazeez, Khan Market/Qureshi GK-2

17) Vintage Glo Friend - My aunt had gotten me one when I was a kid. Couple of months ago, I got obsessed and looked the entire house to see if I still had it. Apparently, I don't. Now's a good time when I want it back. 

Location - Etsy has it and a few other places online have records of all the ones which were made. 

18) Bath and Body Works Goodies - Last birthday, my friend KneeKill wrote me extremely cute cards and changed my life by introducing me to moisturizer from BBW and man, are they amazing. Anyone who's returning from a place with a store outlet, please feel free to bring me some stuff back. 

Loctaion - Bath and Body Works Outlets worldwide

19) Lush Soaps - Again, they're ridiculously priced and I can't spend my hard earned money on them (I totes can, I'm being lazy and I need to complete this list). Some strange soap would make my day. 

Location - Lush outlets worldwide. 

20) Oxblood coloured lipstick for Fall - It's been three years and NO friend of mine has helped me get hold of Scarlet Empress by Nars. A shade by Melt Cosmetics on the same lines would also do. 

Location - Nars for Scarlet Empress here /Melt Cosmetics for Mary Jane, Cat Suit and 6Six6

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