It's 2017 and we are all so basic, it hurts

Friday, August 25, 2017

I don't fucking understand, why is all my feed going nuts over Taylor Swift when Beck's coming out with new material at the same fucking time? IS EVERYONE I DEAL WITH GOING THROUGH A NUTTY BREAKUP?

I also don't understand the need for memes that read, "I won't be impressed with technology until it allows me to download food."

Well, first of all, genius can you please share a list of your impressive achievements before sharing this dumb creative on your wall? Second of all, have you thought of mobile applications that actually enable you to get food delivered at home which qualifies as getting food from the touch of a screen? Lastly, if the cranny thoughts inside your brain spare you a minute think about blood.

What do you know about blood?
Are you aware you cannot be fucking manufacturing blood inside machines or hospitals or factories or publishing houses? Blood is a unique commodity, only available INSIDE THE HUMAN FUCKING BODY.

How about we work on that creative?

"I won't be impressed with technology until it finds replacement to supply human blood whenever an individual is dying of its shortage"

If we're on the subjects of creatives, can we please talk about bra straps? If someone has an issue with them and you make a meme, you're literally adding to their stupidity.

How about this.

"I know the nail polish I applied spread to the corner of my nail on the skin. I can see. I have a set of eyes. I also know, much like the fucking bra strap, it's not going to be responsible for the cause of the next big World War. Why don't you shut the fuck up and end at a compliment about my nail colour when I ask you about it?"

Too verbose?

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