Bucket List 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Earlier this week, bucket list discovery of some enthusiastic millennial was found at Urban Outfitters in Pittsburgh. It was doing the rounds on the internet and people raised quite some reaction to a harmless collection of notes.

 NYT raised the bar by having their own renditions of a 35-year-old woman's bucket list. Which reminded me to rehash my own, and throw it out in the universe. Been a while since I displayed insufferable ostentatiousness and pretence anyway. It's in time now.

  • Get all the collected art work framed for your room. 
  • Finish a bottle of Jack Daniels by yourself in one night. Go to work next day (if you still have the job, ie).
  • Roll a doob successfully. Roll more doobs successfully
  • Get a pedicure. 
  • Apply for Schengen visa yourself. Holiday at Majorca. 
  • Buy fancy gym wear. Kate Middleton didn't attract the Prince's attention with Sarojini outfits and lower abdomen fat.
  • Netflix and chill with someone who has nice arms. 
  • Learn how to file coffin shaped nails. 
  • Look up PhD courses in cities with a beach or two. Lucas Hilderbrand, how are you?
  • Eat sushi. 
  • Have good, sweaty sex.
  • Go for a film alone and order a large popcorn with half cheese and half caramel along with coffee. Don't rethink the decision at all.
  • Buy a new pair of sneakers and jeans. 
  • Dance under the stars. 
  • Learn how to spell "occasionally" without googling. 
  • Find all the different keys you have in different bags and dedicate a key chain to each of them. 
  • Go to a beach. 
  • Don't be afraid to get tanned some more. 
  • Learn to float. 
  • Get Netflix/Gym subscription (one of the two cause getting both would mean having to quit that job).
  • Learn to make ridiculously delicious clear chicken soup.
  • Make the first move. 
  • Buy a new fragrance. 
  • Invest in mutual funds. 
  • Get someone to dedicate some art to you. Preferably a book, but music also works. 
  • Go to a first date outside of 10 km radius. 
  • Suck up and ask a youngling to tell you the secret to a rad Instagram account despite keeping it private. 
  • Research a new lipstick shade which isn't the same as your colour palette. Nipple coloured nude doesn't count. 
  • Customize design t-shirt in comfortable fabric. 
  • Be regular on My Fitness Pal and clock in entries at 1200 (with less carbs, please). 

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