Former Fat Fat Kid- Refresher Course

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I find former fat kids an intriguing place to look for answers. Answers to questions, their being, the outlook and their outwardly appearance of things which are often covered up by the elephant in the room- the weight loss-that made them who they are.

Confession- I fantasize about being one. Perhaps someday, I too shall be one. I may get to be one and live that life.

Love them or hate their luck, they're quite the rhinoceros who made the cut off to be unicorns. I know so many of them; some very close to me and the others, I want to get close to. They're elusive. I have seen them talk with their eyes, better than the communication post graduates who got a fucking degree in expressing themselves through different media.

Former fat kids is that coveted club, a Gymkhana of sorts, where one in a thousand makes it through. When they do, all eyes are on them. Sure, they have their own grievances to deal with. Their shortcomings that could not be fixed by working out or eating clean or doing weights, but god, they're so fucking attractive.

I know this because I've crushed on a few such. They're creatures who were just as regular as us, but made it to the other side. They're demigods, for they worked on their body and made it their own. It's something no normal person can understand. You have to be a fat kid to know the premise of making it to the other side. It's a lot like new money getting new money. Generations of rich kids won't ever know what's it like for having made it for the first time, on your own. Imagine, that effect but on your body. That's when you truly own them and the world around you.

The world talks money and understands attraction. You have them around your fingers, curled. Just because you worked hard and made it. A friend who's in that club reminded me, "But the fact is, the same 3 people who liked me when I was fat are the ones who truly like me. The rest are only turning their head to the changes my body made. Not at the person I am. The people who liked me, liked me when I was 150 kilos fat."

To be honest, I'd have liked my bunch, just the way they were- with or without the effort. But, effort always counts. Especially if it's your crush who's put that in.

This is another fact confirmed by so many people I've spoken to over the years. Former fat kids grown out to be hotter and more in demand than those who's consistently been 'healthy', 'skinny', 'regular', 'medium', 'average'. Not only do former fat kids get noticed for their sculpted new bodies, their chiselled face yells a lethal combination of confidence and arrogance. It's like a pass to life, you made it through your time as a former fat kid, now you have an all access card to fucking anyone's happiness. Go on, live it. You completely earned it after years of having people look down at you. Here's your card to do it now. For the record, I completely and wholeheartedly support them in this motion.

My new motto to life is- "Don't be afraid to hate" and it coincides just right with these fellas.

One thing, that always baffled me about them former fat kids is their closet. What do these people do with wardrobe full of clothes they sourced over the years, painstrikingly, for their size? Again, I know this because even though I love to shop, finding things that coincide your style, your pocket and your body together is a hellish experience. Half my trips abroad are spent lurking from store to store, finding things that can last me through the soirees thrown by my former fat kid friends. I love them to death but god, I can't match their sass.

I have had this question repeat itself, each time it saw a transformation. A girl from class who got married, another who's chilling on a yacht, yet another friend who's been there with me. This man, who I swore to myself I'd do at the backseat of his car (spoiler- didn't happen there)- him- and another crush amongst other people; this question remained in my head. I could never bring it up. Ofcourse half the time in my head I felt bad for the outfit and how it would be chucked out for snug, snooty fitted outfit to match the lethal personality of the person wearing it.

It's as if you shed the person you are, along with the weight you lose. You have a reincarnation over night, with the fat you dispose. There's no other explanation to this.

This morning, after my shower, I was attempting to wear my outfit. My new lingerie, picked out from my last vacation after having hunted it for over a week hung loose despite wearing it on the tightest clamp. A tshirt, which used to be body hugging, now hung loose over the ill-fitted bra.

I came out of the shower to stare at myself. I find myself doing it a lot more these days. The flab from my sides hasn't shown itself in a week, the tyres re-appear only after the dinner and I see the appearance of a waist line. The boobs have shrunk, but I can't say the same with surety. It's almost as if I don't want to jinx it.

This morning is when I learnt my answer. You don't fuss about the clothes. Instead, you constantly worry about putting something in your mouth and that thing translating back on your body. On the sides, in your tits, on your back, in your tyres- everywhere. Former fat kids don't give a fuck about the outfits. They only care about one thing- they don't ever want to go back from where they've come and how far they've worked to reach where they are. They'd rather spend their life making money to buy new outfit than to go back to the mediocrity that a "normal" body brings.

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