Things that have entered my mouth since morning (A Listicle)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

1) Burnt toast with jam.
2) Two butter toasts.
3) Cover slice with jam and butter.
4) Sesame toast (embarrassing to list the quantity).
5) Four bites of Ratlami Sev.
6) A cup of double Tetley tea.
7) Two boiled egg whites.
8) 1/4th Chicken Tikka Roll.
9) 12 bites of Rajma Chawal.
10) Two cheese chicken sausages. (Which was the shittiest thing I put in my mouth all day, tbh. Also, it had NO cheese.)
11) Hajmola Regular.
12) Two under cooked maida puris (bad version of Punjabi Puris & Bengali Luchis crossover).
13) A portion of Aloo-Gobi.
14) A cup of tea.
15) Single Shortbread cookie.
16) A whole portion of Rajma Chawal (I am an incorrigible Punjabi).  
17) Another Hajmola.
18) Vegetable Sauté with Sausage.
19) Pencil Top.

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