Is my crust too thick?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Apparently another one of my classmate had a child. I found out in a group text today, which I promptly scrolled through twice without noticing the word "mother"/"child".

The girl who's recently become a mother once told me about her first pizza experience. She was on a pilgrimage with her parents, must have been about 7-8 years old around then (yeah). At Vaishno Devi, the trip's "hip" leg, she spotted a board that read "Pizza" and her elder sister (story for another day about how her first marriage alliance was broken and how she was left after the engagement for another time) wanted to try some. Both the girls went to their father and asked him what a pizza is.

Father, who had no idea about a pizza took the girls, aged between 7-10 with him to the pizza parlour and proceeded to have the first pizza of his life with his family during that trip. Why yes, god is real. Pizza made it's way into their family. She told me about this, long long ago when we were at a school picnic. I doubt if the fake Burberry wearing girl now would recall this/resonate with the facts here but somethings never leave you. My first memory of pizza comes from what most of my 'hip' recollection comes from. Grandparents and father having lived in Italy for a solid part of their life were saturated with pizza and how homemade pizza triumphs Domino's pizza at any time.

We had Domino's pizzas for dinner tonight. This acquaintance who works at that particular outlet is on his notice period out to join another notable family favourite food group. All you need to do is order your pizza and let him take the charge to make it. It'd be loaded with three times the cheese you'd order + double toppings- all at the base price.

After finding out that the girl has become a mother, and having an overdose of pizza for dinner later, I've come to the conclusion, pizza is overrated. 

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