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Monday, January 25, 2016

Earlier this month, a friend met someone she's been talking about for the last quarter or so. During our meeting prior to the last, we bet on the fact whether they'd end up sleeping together or not. I bet in favour of the act and she, against. Either way, she was going to be winning some so it wasn't a bad deal in any way.

Turns out I won the money, as I discovered over a text message couple of days ago. After collecting the bet money (which was graciously given, because their rendezvous was worth it and my poor friend, unknowingly is smitten by the mongrel) I set out wondering what I'd do with my abilities. In a complete Karen Smith talent reprisal, my talents too are extremely restricted and on fleek.

In a complete spur decision, I spent the bet money buying a bottle of Bhut Jholakia sauce from the local bakery in my college. I was surprised to find the brand and the timing to digest that my ultimate earning in life is coming from betting on whether someone is going to get some or not.

Going to be making panko crusted fish with some Bhut Jholakia soon. 

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