Gratitude and How

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I find myself maximizing my luck out, each time I sit in front of my laptop, in the quest to pick something to do. Most of these 'somethings' have landed me in jobs, internships, academic endeavours, gigs and finding several 'someone'. Although I agree, I don't have the brightest luck when it comes to latter but the rest of the categories, I believe, I couldn't have landed a better deal than what I did, when I did.

It comes to me as a surprise when I find collaborations, events, content and things coming out just as I put my step forward in that field. I'm not stating that I'm Midas of any kind but it's a certain weird set-up when you're researching as a scholar in a field and some of the most craziest collaborations and networking setups are established in the same time. While I agree, my force field of work is currently in motion, which is to say, it's live- the research topic. However, I find myself beaming, each time I see any such development, discover a new lead or a new area to look into. Immersive researching has the kind of satisfaction that can outdo your best orgasm (or not, this is subjective). Even if something doesn't come in the first attempt, it's almost as if the situation throws it in the form that I take it forward and bend it to make it work for me. Situations are mouldable if you acknowledge each of those as an opportunity.

I find people around me lacking this skill. Most of the researchers, or just about those who spend their lives trying to make themselves into a writer are often dissatisfied with their situations, conditions and working climate. While I believe a larger part of the universe is bitter and does not add to making it better for you, it is here you're expected to pick the metal and make your ornaments (or instruments, depending on what does it for you). Most of these lessons, I have picked in hindsight, of regretting things and situations missed and made it work for me in the future.

At the risk of trying to jinx this touch, I'm going to end this gratitude write up. For the day that it was, for all that I am and I'll be, I'm grateful I am no one else, but me. Also, what would I do without technology? Probably stationery but I'm always going to be thankful to my machinery for every little discovery that has made my work the way it is.  

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