90s, Poetry and Jaw Ache

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Long ago, when I was 5-6 years old, this Bhangra sensation named Sukhbir used to be quite the thing in North India. Besides IndiPop, Punjabi music was considered cool enough to be heard on music television (atleast by the 5-6 year old kids then) and most of us grew on a heavy diet of that being played at every Delhi wedding. On a side note, a friend rationally argued with me over how this is a quintessential breakup song and how they play it at every Delhi wedding just when everyone's drunk enough to not care. My argument followed on the lines that true feelings can't be masked by alcohol, hence people find their release in dancing to the music of heartbreak.

No. None of that discussion stuff happened. She and I were drunk and discussing some event and somehow, our Punjabi upbringing got us to talk about the beauty, Sukhbir is. 

Around the same time this number got big, my mother trolled me enough to make me believe that Sukhbir's India's best dancer, after Prabhu Deva. In the same chart, Michael Jackson's supposedly number one. It took me a long period which included Wikipedia pages, education, Step Up movies and multiple 'Can I ever trust Mom again?' moments in my mind to get rid of that. To this day, when I see anyone bring up Jackson, I never think about his music. Somehow, his dancing skill is the first thing that comes to my mind. Naturally, if you've grown up believing Sukhbir to be India's finest dancer then you're doomed because you'd not take Hrithik Roshan's untimely success so well. 

Amongst other misleading things about Sukhbir's talent was the video accompanying the number. I thought it was a 'cool' thing to have all men and women in black doing Bhangra and the works. My Italian colleague broke that bubble while we were exchanging gems of 90s (I won the game though). Also, a wee bit upset. Why Sukhbir, why you copy a concept?

In the light of this and my dissertation then, I feel I need to quote this song now more than ever. Sukhbir's daily poetry. 

Situation 1-
Dissertation Chapter 1, portion on Cinephilia needs to be submitted and should've been done approximately 48 hours ago. I'm quoting the man: 'Main ta jagaan raataan nu' (I stay awake at night).

Situation 2-
I'm working on YouTube as a part of my dissertation. I meet a friend's friend at a YT Creator's event (amongst other things, I met An-O, the woman responsible for getting my blog published in a magazine in 2008 when I wasn't even into taking care of typos) and in my mind, I'm prancing. Why, you ask? A lead with research always means better ethnographic work- in researching the contemporary. Hence, I've been nothing short of disappointed when I heard YT denied me permission to conduct interviews because their policy doesn't allow them so. Okay then. 'Samajh na paye kyun tu mere pyaar bhare jazbaatan nu?' (Why don't you understand my emotions filled with love all for you?'

Situation 3-
I got braces. Adult braces, if you must know are painful. You can't eat half the things, you can't absolutely drink until mouth ulcers fix themselves and you definitely can't smoke unless your idea of aesthetic beauty is stained teeth. To add to the trauma, my jaw hurts like someone's been stabbing at it for hours, each morning when I wake up. 'Rok na paawan ankhiyan vicho gam diya barsaatan nu.' (Can't control my tears out of unhappiness).

Situation 4-
Bitches be leaving and baes be slaying my heart. 'Ik pal bhi main bhool na pava teri mithiya
bata nu.' (Not for a moment can I forget your sweet nothings to me) 

Meanwhile, leaving this track for all those who are dancing at other people's Kodak moments. You found your bae, I found my dance number for all 2015 weddings. And, for those random stalkers who are reading this blog from strange locations. Consider this my way of saying, thanks for sticking around. 

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