Friday, August 14, 2015

There are two kinds of people in the world.

First category constitutes of those, who use Snapchat to sext or up their sexy game.

Second, those who take shots of empty Word documents and post it with the caption "Literally can't even right now".

No guesses then, which category I've fallen down to.

In other news, I spent this entire week working and drinking. Worked as much as I drank- which is shit tonne/ shit faced. Shit tonne by August standard. For the uninitiated, August is the month where I fall back into the familiar pattern of picking tobacco and spiralling downwards. At least, the history dictates that August has been the month of transition and painful closures- even if it mean closure from receiving text messages about salary reaching the bank. That was one painful breakup between the regular income and I.

Caught up with my dosts/hos bros from different area codes. This one dinner had us going to CC and while walking towards the restaurant, Kneex decided to talk about the space we'd inhabited had originally been a temple and a mosque and how both were destroyed by the British empire to construct the cinema hall. The third person in this gang that evening bought this story. That's either some stellar storytelling or rare sense of stupidity. Maybe, something between the two. That evening was the first in the series of not staying at home. The toes got to wiggle and move. However, staying in tonight has only affected my working capacity. Got no major work done, not drunk either- which resulted in being hyper pissed at one and all. The other notable part about this week's company has been far too much abstract stupidity- the kind which was pounded and spelled out over the course of several chilled beers. I swear to the lord above, I need to stop taking nonsense and beer, but both of them are complimentary to each other. You can't take the crap without getting some beer and then that brings us to an endless cycle of drinks. I'm not suggesting it's a drinking problem, however, unless the IQ levels of the mass public goes up, I'm going to have to donate all my money to the bars. I'm almost dying to state the gory details of what went down but then again, I'm sober and the blog's public so those will have to be disposed off at yet another drinking/ catching up soiree with a bunch of bros.

In the process of seemingly marking myself in dire need of AA, I should also establish that the kindest people in the city are drummers. Strike the city, the kindest people in the world. I'm not challenging the universe, but I'm yet to meet a drummer who's a bitch. I know for a fact, people I'm writing this for are far away from reading this but many many snares to them for all their cooperation and love- in the process of streaming life, week by week.

Also, as public service announcement, please don't Snapchat your McDonald's dinner to me. Ever. I will cancel all the plans for the next three days in the quest to sit at home in shoot clothes and eat out of delivery boxes. If you want to know more cool things about life and condescension, hit me up on 'snobstur'. You'll be lucky if you're not blocked in return. 

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