In My Wallet

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Two- five hundred rupee notes, folded and tucked in the inner zip. For emergencies. Like cupcakes and lipsticks, on days when I'm low.

Five- hundred rupee notes, four stacked together and one in an unkempt fashion at the edge of the zipper.

Two- fifty rupee notes, both covering the lower denomination notes.

One- twenty rupee note, stuck after the fifty rupee notes in the lower denomination notes.

Two- ten rupee notes, in the stack of lower denomination notes.

Seven- ten rupee coins, in the inner zip. I never touch them unless it's a situation where nobody has any money and no passerby will give me change for a thousand rupee note.

One- one dirham coin. Given by my mother, keep it as a charm in the inner zip.

One- business card in the inner zip. Friend who has become a professional make-up artist. I wonder where the rest of the business cards are. My friends are almost-famous.

One- cinema ticket in the inner zip. Masaan, 11:41 am, 27-07-2015. Inner zip. I don't throw used tickets. It's a problem.

Four- passport sized pictures in the inner zip. Two of mine, one of dad's and one Barely True's (or whatever the nickname is these days). I had another one of someone I (now) despise out of my life, I don't know if it went along with the money or got lost somewhere.

Three- Starbucks receipts. Strawberry Frappuccino (Venti), a free coffee receipt (Tall) and a Soy milk Caramel Latte (Tall) for a subject I purchased.

Three- library cards. One that looks like a cheap credit card and two old school handwritten and laminated ones. Unused.

One- Driver's licence.

Four- inkless receipts. The colour's gone and I can't make out what was purchased and when.

One- Defence Bakery receipt. Almost crumbled, purchased a two-tiered cake, a butter croissant and two sets of candles on 15-07-2015.

One- identity card of the university I'm now attending. My passport size picture on the card makes up for the ridiculously bad handwriting on it. Yes, it's handwritten.

One- Exchange Store receipt in the outer pocket. Two chicken sandwiches, two chicken puffs and two bottles of Coke Zero. Similar minds eat alike. Uncanny that this remains when I've very hazy memories of the day. 07-07-2015.

Two- Metro travel cards. One with rupees 36 and the other with rupees 39 in it.

One- Epicuria food court card. Unsure if it has any cash left.

One- Chinese food van delivery receipt. "Cheekan teeka garlic", "momos", in Hindi. Very kitschy.

One- voodoo doll brooch. A friend gave it as a souvenir from a trip. Never got around to keeping it in the accessory box at home. It's adorable.

One- Cafe Coffee Day receipt, dated 10-08-2015 Green Park Market Outlet. Two Berry Blast cupcakes. Friend's birthday and last-minute meet-up.

One- Fee slip for third semester. Amount- INR 188. Your tax money brings my degree. Not really. 

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