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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 2014

I wasn't blogging regularly, or as much. My schedule did not privelige me to spend more than 10 hours in front of a laptop (for the fear of vomiting on a screen) while mentally killing everyone who reviewed restaurants (people wrote about Jain Pao Bhaji not being tasty- what were you expecting?). I was also going through some sorta morning sickness pattern. Images of food only enhances that. Blogging was at an all time low, understandably so.

July 2014

Ahem. I'm a year into being a research scholar. It's a lot like being a housewife- trophy wife if you must. Most people look at you like you've gotten the catch of the day or something- which is a common lie between power couples and those in a relationship with academia. I wake up every morning with a doubt of whether or not I can even do this. Just this morning, I woke up because I was crying sick in my dream after having underperformed in an English exam IN SCHOOL. I have nightmares about not being able to perform well in school and here I am, trying to grapple at the end of the system of formal education the institutions have to offer. Naturally, morning sickness is more than normal in my case. Although, enough time, I seriously am slacking writing more than reading.


"Snobster is a drinker with a writing problem. She used to study and crib, and more often than not kick ass at doing both. She once dabbled in filmmaking, television production, as well as lifestyle reporting for a while but decided against it cause mostly despicable people were associated with those professions. She has recently joined a corporate honcho that she hopes will pay her enough to sustain while letting her buy overpriced lipsticks and Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed Donuts. She generally likes employing the use of correct punctuation marks almost as much as she loves stationery. When she isn’t writing, she is busy playing the bass guitar or whipping the cake batter. Other than Kit-Kat cake, Vodka Penne in Tomato Cream is her specialty. She has a penchant for shopping and can get extremely possessive about her accessories. Her weaknesses include tattoo-ed vocalists, men with Grecian nose and jazz. She also loves cats but can't bear with the idea of living with any; cause much like them, she's a selfish piece of high maintenance crap. Bring her some French Fries & Diet Coke and see her despise you a little less."


"Snobster is an erstwhile drinker with a writing problem. At some point, she went to a film school, where she studied everything, except how to make a 100 crore blockbuster film. This is the pegging point of all the problems in her life ever.

Since then, she quit discontinued playing the bass guitar and instead, dabbled between directing film screenplay(s) and television pilot(s), submitting assignments on Balter Wenjamin, producing ‘aww’ brand of birthday videos for family and friends, editing (now) defunct magazine. She used to dig reading crap churned under the label 'lifestyle', until she decided to write and contribute some. Then, she lost interest (much like her past 5 crushes) and moved to hustle in the diabolic world of startups. For some odd reason, she couldn’t fathom how they wouldn’t allow her to wear shorts to work. It is during the shiny probation period she called it quits and since then, has been gracefully wearing her work shorts to graduate school.

She now moonlights as a research scholar during the night, and proudly tells everyone her story- "From riches to rags”, during the day. She’s known to be a stickler for details and highly irritable when her demands for oral hygiene are not met post midnight. It’s possible you looked her up on one of the aforementioned detail and that has brought you down to reading this. In case it hasn’t, then shame on you for stalking her. Go, get a real job or something.  "

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