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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Long ago when I was in film school, I used to despise any and every class on lighting. Lighting as a whole has fucked my happiness in more ways than I can count- and we go as far back as sitting in sixth grade and wondering what is everyone nodding about. Happy to announce that I'm out of the trauma of failing all theoretical exams. It's was made up by being helped by different classmates in an attempt to passing my practical examinations based around the phenomena of lighting.

However, back in Masters, this shit was not going to leave me alone. While things were easier to comprehend on paper, practical situations here were hard. Filmmaking/moving/still image making requires unique solutions to most problems and situations. There's very little scope for having a set structure of placement of objects and subjects. Sure, there are rules but every situation, movement and the mood commands specific type of lighting. Besides, the intricacies, if you were me- and the chances are you aren't- you'd not have the patience for experiment and trials. For someone as feeble hearted and calculative as I am, I've no patience or skill to try lighting. I understand it, sure. I know my way around it, hells yeah but can I do it for a living? Fuck no.

Given I am so opinionated on this, it's always been fascinating to watch songs, music videos and observe the lighting in it. It's something I've done for a long long time now, without any rhyme or reason. I think this is what brings me to my spot of having the eye to know the right from wrong. I can count my sense for helping out with that.

This number here has possibly the worst lighting I can remember for any song released in the 90s. Aesthetically, 90s was the Rakhi Sawant of entertainment. We remember it for all the wrong things.

Go on, dance to the number.

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