Sunday, May 10, 2015

Internet is a cesspool of shit.

I don't remember the last time I experienced a 'first time' while browsing and coming across something on the net, which blew my mind. Which is to say, we have exhausted that one medium we thought was 'infinite', so to say. I'm not talking about the content, there's ofcourse Eternal September (and Reddit being the next big thing in India, you've been told, courtesy the cunts at Airtel India who are also bring about this post from me to you- in association with my 'rents who are paying them bastards). I digress, but that's what ADHD or thesis writing will do to you. I stare at the screen like a lover, who fell out of love and is seeking happiness elsewhere, except she doesn't know her elsewhere yet. This communion is so done.

After this melodramatic declaration, I must admit that staying at home for a day an a half, in a year and a half of coming to that is oh-so-mentally troubling. The fact of the matter is really that my brain's taken on a full mental gymming ritual, which includes overthinking and killing myself slowly by being obsessive about this.

Anyway, as far as I know, I'm sitting atop an exceeded deadline, way past the permissible apology letter submission standard, and perhaps the kind which is essential for me to advance to the next level of dissertation writing. It's only safe to say you are halfway close to giving up when there's no sign of life anywhere. My subjects have abandoned me and I've no rationale or intent any longer besides humiliating myself infront ot subjects, panel and the likes on weekly basis. Perhaps, deathly waiting time to avoid that state of being.

More coherence+ fluidity, later. 

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