Updates (circa 2015)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

  1. My best friend is leaving the city. I found out while being partially deaf due to cold, five minutes after she told everyone. "EVERYONE KNOWS IT BUT ME!" "Dude, I just announced, what the hell did you think we were all talking about?"
  2. I don't get drunk on alcohol anymore. I mean, I don't get affected. My friends have labelled me as a single alcoholic. 
  3. What I am really addicted to, is chai. All over again, it's first year of undergrad, I'm a clueless duck running from pillar to pillar in the quest to buy more chai. Narendra Modi is our Prime Minister for something. Chai lovers in the house, raise your standards and them arms. 
  4. I also figured out the word about me amongst my closest group of friends: "I have no idea what she's upto, except she gets drunk a lot, she's an alcoholic. She is drunk a lot, does a whole lot of weed and has shitloads of guys in her life. She is basically living like she should have when she was busy studying." I wish any of that was true. The studying bit is true. (No mum, none of this is true.)
  5. I'm digging shit pop music. Embarrassingly enough, I am listening to Fergie and Justin Timberlake. This is my cue to die.
  6. I'm almost regretting quitting the job, given how these guys are total capitalists and dine out often. I miss doing that at places other than the dhabas inside the campus.
  7. Nobody throws better campus parties than my university. I've been to three different universities in this city and I can vouch for that. They make up for pretty much everything in life with their legendary parties which involve grass and alcohol, funded by someone who's not your parent or you and your friends. 
  8. All of my guy friends have left the city. You're not a guy friend (and I've probably uncle-zoned you or something) if you're in the city. The only people I immensely miss out of my minuscule social circle are my boys. Nobody knows the city better than them. Nobody understands my jokes better. 
  9. Now that my best friend's moving city, I'm going to see her a lot less than before, which also means she's joining the group which is going to be away. I hate adulthood. It hasn't gotten me anything except for the liberty to fuck my liver and lungs. 
  10. If home is where the WiFi connects, mine certainly is at Epicuria. The Starbucks is where I get a lot of my writing done and I've met almost everyone I know atleast once for drinks and post drinks coffee at Epicuria. I've a feeling they think I'm homeless. I'm going to let them believe that.
  11. I forsee a whole lot of hard work and sweat this year, wrt to building a dissertation, a possible career in academics. If it doesn't happen this year, it's never going to happen. This is in that way, my make it big or go home in 2016 year. 
  12. Young adults in India consider it a massive taboo to be on Snapchat and Tinder. Clearly, they are living in 2013. 
  13. If you want to know a person, judge them by their Zomato profile/reviews. If they are inactive on Zomato, you don't want them in your life. (That's nearly 80% people in my life who are not active on Zomato, the other 20 are former colleagues.)
  14. My professors think I am a hot-shot bassie. I don't know how to break the news to them, I'm better at writing academic papers and making films than slapping and popping those strings.
  15. The toughest of them all: I'm probably getting braces again. Twelve years and counting since I last flashed a wired smile. Fail. 

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