Little Love and Little Sympathy

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hi. Sorry. This calls for a new post but it is pertinent to get this point across before it gets all over memes and Tumblr crap.

The thing with this video is that I'd rather be a bridesmaid or better still, myself at the wedding. If I'm the bride, then the fuck am I suppose to do with Adam Levine showing up at my wedding? Make mayonnaise sandwich out of the amount of saliva I'd be drooling out after looking at him (PG 13)? I mean, the future husband's gonna be up his ass and cranky if a beaut like this shows up and takes all the attention off him.

Adam, if you're reading this/ or Make-A-Wish/independent sponsor/Santa Claus, send him to my birthday. Yeah. That's a good present. Or, like Lohri would do. You can also send him as a gift coupon, I accept those as well for the future. 

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