Introduction to Me- French Fries.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

"'The tool is down' is akin to the church bells. French fries, too. Incase you didn't catch the first bit of the sentence then that's just a sweet way of informing via mail that there ain't nothing you can do until they fix the system. Let's kill two hours.

I spent the beginning of the last two hours being stuffed between a skinny, lanky dude from work and the wee bit unicorn with her hair in my face, colleague from work; trying to make it as soon as possible (like our attendance was dependent on it)- circa 2011 lunch trip with the girls. Notice, how I refer to the friends as girls? Well, blame where blame is due. Sex and the fucking City messing with my head. Two weeks ago I had a schedule where I'd spend about 30-40 minutes at home early in the morning watching re-runs of the show and wondering why I'd subject to myself to this torture daily when I can actually sleep for extra half an hour. Sleep cycle remains fucked, no TV show in the morning but SATC is off my schedule now. I end up pacing around the house and got back at reading the newspaper. More about that, later. I digress but that's how life's been in the last few weeks- digressing. Unlearning everything I ever learnt, knew- fuck Tabula Rasa and re-constructing life in a new Universe.

Speaking of Universe, the number of Universes that I have switched from in the last twenty two years is prethe 'newly' updated 'About Me' section needs to be changed. Yet again. News, yes. In due time. Sure.


Found this in the draft. Posting it three weeks late. 

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