Destroy What Destroys You

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes you hit a point where you either change yourself or you self-destruct.

What unfortunate timing for all this.

I attended a MA class today. This roughly translates to 'I spent 200 bucks on the auto to hear the professors talk four semester worth of course load that I previously pursued in one entire class and the Tarvoksky spewing idiots enjoying and pretending to understand all that. Hell yeah'. If you're me, and the chances are that you aren't, you'd cringe and admit that your previous university ensured that they didn't have to take a pop quiz on your knowledge of Film Language after the three semesters. They only looked down upon you if you said, "Bubble set karde!". They ensured their sarcastic remark about bubble being an idea in your head and you need to set the 'spirit level' was conveyed. There were high and the low moments. Low being the discussion. Maybe it's the fact that I have pursued hard core filmmaking for the last two years that I am allowing myself to be so judgemental or the class was really dumb today. If one is to take the 'written' word in film language so seriously, you'd never be able to adapt to the industry. Similarly, the discrepancy of the film terms set in the 80s have changed immensely since then. Complete let down, specially the test in the end. It took me barely 5 minutes to fill my sheet with just over 15 examples on the film language after being shown an establishing shot of a Coppolla.

A fact I am massively proud of, now. Two years ago I'd be disapproving of everything and everyone but today, in retrospect, my opinion of my alma mater has changed. They raised us film school bastards well.

Immensely proud and looking forward to being beaten down by the academia from now on, that the only link to the industry practice in academia has come to an end.

Also, figured an unhealthy pattern of life with my nails. Each time I'm stressed or just on the edge, I end up chewing a little more than my nails. Currently, fingers are injured. Bruises as big as marks on my finger and thumb. My mind's a great place to be. Von Trier would love it.

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