Second Hand Jawaani

Friday, August 29, 2014

Homi Adjania comes up with Being Cyrus (2006) and returns with this-

I'd be lying straight through if I were to say I was least bit disappointed with his range of spectrum. Sure, doesn't suit my aesthetic sense but credit where the credit is due. The man is capable of producing two extremely different range of work and we beat him down for becoming a sell-out?

I've been hitting the repeat option on that track. Bloody Cinema Studies got me all intrigued. The lecture room 103 is nothing short of a trip to the moon and back. Twice a week, I get to engage in the most stunning debate that each of the theoreticians and academicians offer- anything and everything pertaining to anthropology, philosophy, literature and cinema. All of it mixed with examples from the contemporary cinema works as well as the other walks of life.

Now do you see the similarity between us and Homi Adjania?

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