Pissed vigilant

Monday, February 24, 2014

On days like this, I lose my marbles after going through my Facebook feed. About half of the female population on my list is too rich, too made up-pretty to work and do anything worthwhile in their lives and the rest half are too stupid for association. Reasonably unworkable for the lack of common sense and consequently proving the same by posting absolute crap including how a Thai man married his dead girlfriend and well! that shit is love. Well, fuck you. Love is when you made your boyfriend, who is already dating another girl from your circle break up with the first woman because you couldn't go out and explore. Love is also your 'BFF' at a sleepover and 'osam tyme' that you're going to tell everyone about. Argh. This includes love for putting pictures of cake batter for your boy-toy. Well, fuck you all. 

I'm not even pms-ing but the fact that 16 mm has been thrown on me to be done is pissing the fuck out of me. 

Cannot wait for masters to wrap up. 

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