Wish I was old and a little sentimental

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Starting tomorrow, I enter (hopefully) the last leg of my academic chapter for a while/ever. The break preceding the fourth semester was successful in most regards. I recognized myself as a sloth, committing all cardinal sins minus one. Speculation is highly encouraged. A short trip to Mussoorie and Dehradun was possible courtesy of Sinner, where all I did was to sulk and make everyone’s life difficult because I was hungover from all things life and college. It took -1 degree celcius and bloodless face after walking uphill to realize, life is so much more than hating pricks you’re expected to work with. Post that short stint at the hills, I was mostly living on the plains where I binged on caffeine, food and brought myself closer to clogging my arteries with donuts, waffles, Kit-Kats, fruit cookies and human company. As opposed to the rehab, I presumed, I would seek from living beings, I was quite the opposite. Well, atleast, with the people I could count on my fingers under the label friends. Most of afternoons were spent at Starbucks, wasting time. Over 330 calories in a cup with lethal talks about uncertain future, multiplied by three visits every week on an average, three to the mall and none at the park. Quite an estimation that. The times spent at home could be counted by downloading over 50 GBs of data in the last 60 days. Good vacations? Yes.

In the order of things, I’ve made sandwich for lunch tomorrow. College canteen would be morose without Ashmita Guha Neogi. While she’s replaced me with film school, I’m trying hard to make up for absence with brand new headphones that can heal anything! I guarantee, 12k can help you kick drugs, divorce or even death. I digress, anyway, to make up for her void, I’ve added pizza sauce to my regular sandwich spread and hoping to begin the 1200 calorie a day diet. Going to grab sprout salad for dinner while some green for breakfast. In no order of angelic diet planning, I cleaned the closet today. Highly therapeutic while getting to try multiple ensemble combinations. This was followed by grabbing Hot Chocolate and Popcorn Chicken (yay, fat!) I’ve brushed my teeth and now am tucked into the bed only waiting to finish this post and planning to catch a movie on my laptop.

You see happiness is merely a state of mind. Your life could resemble Tony Stark’s and you can still find a reason to hate yourself (iron boner killed Pepper Potts) and you could be Captain America and still love your life (example: me). I’m trying to borrow that happy frame of mind which lends you sugary perspective to life. Let’s hope this sugar coated glass lasts until the end of the semester. Or atleast, a week. Let’s hope. Hope kills but so does Diet Coke and smoking.

If all this doesn’t help, we always have Hiddlestone. Damn any man who can handle babies and dogs, instantly becomes hot. 

But what's normal now, anyhow?

Sullen and bored the kids stay
And in this way they wish away each day
Stoned in the mall the kids play/ And in this way they wish away each day

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